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NRT Icon shall be the beacon of human spirit and a unique opportunity to invest in the ownership of the most Iconic building in the Capital City of Andhra Pradesh.

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The carving out of residual Andhra Pradesh into a new State has created enormous challenges to it’s Government, such as the need to create massive Infrastructure, Industry and opportunities for employment in the region which is mostly agrarian with little industry and had depended on its agriculture and education for livelihood. The Hon. Chief Minister, Nara Chandra Babu Naidu’s grand vision and various initiatives to achieve the objectives for taking the state on a fast track of progress have started yielding results in a short span. The creation of the role of “Advisor for NRT Affairs & Investments” and formation of APNRT Society is an initiative to tap the interest and resources of Telugu diaspora across the globe for A.P’s growth and prosperity. “NRT Icon” is the first direct investment initiative from APNRTS..

Who will be the stakeholders?

AP State:
Gov’t of AP in the form of APNRT Society is the promoter and developer of this venture. APNRTS’s objective is to handhold and assist the investors for their ease.
NRT Investors:
Investors who provide share capital for the construction of the NRT Icon through a Special Investment Vehicle promoted by APNRTS and created for the purpose as a corporation.
Buyers who purchase the floor space will ultimately occupy and own the physical assets of APNRT Icon. Buyers will be chosen from a list of qualified corporates interested in the space.


Benefits for the State of Andhra Pradesh

Opportunity for the Investor

NRT Icon is designed to be home to multiple technology and blue chip companies, and is expected to bring 2000 to 3000 high wage employees to our capitol. These jobs will bring the much needed spending capacity, flamboyance and international dynamics to our city and hence would be an attractive investment for buyers from all over the world. The investor would get an opportunity to park their funds into a real property in a sunrise city, with least risk for the investment. Apart from being an iconic structure being invested into, the property is guaranteed to appreciate due to the involvement of Gov’t of Andhra Pradesh and AP NRT Society, who are the promoters of the project. Investments are divided into units of $US 50,000 each, with preference given to individual or small investors for a broader spread of ownership.

Benefits for the State of Andhra Pradesh

Benefits for the State of Andhra Pradesh

NRT Icon is a project to commemorate the past and future contributions of NRTs in the prosperity of Andhra Pradesh. This project attracts investments in excess of $US 40 Million into a nascent state that desperately need the funds to fuel the growth and create employment. Thanks to the vision of our Hon. Chief Minister who is kind enough to allocate the desired ground space for our project NRT Icon leverages the ability of our worldwide diaspora to bring investment, high-end employment and modern technology to the capital region and the state.

Benefits for the State of Andhra Pradesh

Opportunity for the Buyer

In addition to providing NRTs an excellent investment destination, NRT Icon provides a great opportunity for the entrepreneurs to buy and own the coveted office space of 400,000 Sft in a property built close to the Capital and the center of political and administrative power of the state. Investment in NRT Icon is expected to appreciate substantially over the period of capital’s construction, occupation and beyond as demand for space exceeds the availability. The cost of space in NRT Icon for the buyer is estimated to be on par with such space in a class-II city and hence is an attractive buy. The option to buy the space in NRT Icon can be exercised from Day-1 whereas the payments can be spread over several quarters/years, making it the best way to capitalize the funds deployed.

Benefits for the State of Andhra Pradesh

Cost of the Project and Projected Revenues

Item Metric Detail
Investment Unit Cost $50,000 / Unit
Carpet Area of NRT Icon. 400,000 SFT – Total Including Common Areas
Cost of NRT Icon Building Rs. 220 Crores( 400,000Sft@Rs.5500/Sft)
Expected Value of Space Rs. 280Crores( 400,000Sft @Rs.7000/Sft)
Maintenance Charges Rs.2.40 Crores( 400,000Sft @Rs.60/Sft/Year )

How Would you be able to Participate?

When to Apply:

An investment kit would be made available to the prospective investors and buyers as soon as the land required for NRT Icon is made available by the Gov’t of Andhra Pradesh and a Special Purpose Vehicle is created for it.

Where to Apply?

The Application form and FAQs will be published online at http://icon.apnrt.com when the investment brief is ready and an offer can be made post fulfillment of statutory requirements and needed clearences.

Who is Eligible?

Any Non-Resident Telugu Individual or a Corporation owned by Non-Resident Telugu Individuals are eligible to apply either as an Investor or as a Buyer. It is possible that the Investor also could be the Buyer for the space.

NRT Icon shall be the beacon of human spirit and a unique opportunity to invest in the ownership of the most Iconic building in the Capital City of Andhra Pradesh.

Why should this investment matter to you?

The skyline of Amaravthi would be a sight to behold. APNRT Icon is expected to be the Jewel in the Crown of the capital’s landscape with its’ unique design and location next to Krishna River.

High Lights of NRT Icon Building:

    Spatial Features:

  • World-class office space and residential accommodation
  • Rotating Globe & Revolving Restaurant in the Nucleus of the Building
  • Roof top infinity pool &Exclusive NRT Club on 27th floor
  • 2000 Seat World Class Auditorium expandable to seat 3000 Seats
  • 1000 to 1500 seat Amphitheatre& Performance Center for Concerts and Meetings
  • Digital Library& Interactive Multi-Media Rooms for Virtual Class rooming
  • Private Conference Rooms
  • State of the art Gymnasium

Sustainability Features:

  • Insular Skirt around the Icon to reduce energy expenditure by 30%
  • Roof top Gardens for Natural Cooling
  • Water Conservation Features
  • Zero-Net Water & Affluent Discharge to the Environment
  • Near Zero carbon foot print with Solar Arrays
  • Retail: Organic Food Stores & Restaurant
  • Specialty Kiosks & Tourist Attractions on River Front